Do we really need more screens?

Personally I don’t think that will work. I hate ATMs generally because of the line and the lack of service. I think the shop of the future is where stores have apps you install on your phone (or watches. These are going to be the next big thing. The glasses suck) and you walk in to see the displays (very little stock on hand to get people rushing to the store), talk to the sales staff and you scan the barcode with your phone to order it.

The shopper gets two times the feeling of excitement the first trying out the product they buy, and the excitement of receiving it in the mail. Postal services need to improve their delivery times though.

There is something to be said for great customer service and it only comes through true human interaction.



BIG Data

Interesting post by Microsoft. I think Jer Thorp some really good points.

BIG data is one of those things that is being talked about a lot and as Jer mentioned it really is just about looking at data in unique ways. This requires a lot of creativity and insight of what the data is really about.

So rather than reading 100’s of technical articles and documentation I’m focusing more on finding inspiration for visual metaphors for that data then working backwards from there to make it work.

It’s a fantastic and interesting challenge and I look forward to where it will lead me.