In the last couple of years I have been doing a lot of work on SharePoint. SharePoint is a great document management and Collaboration tool. Putting on my business solutions hat, this has me thinking what is the message that businesses are sending when they heavily invest in collaboration tools.
I think the value of collaboration is to cut through the red tape of hierarchy, process and management to get direct access to people with important skills within their organisation. Direct access means that you can quickly find and communicate with the people with the skills to deliver the solution you need.
Ultimately I consider the objective of collaboration is that teams are no longer single function and fixed but that a business is made up of individuals who create, join and leave teams as needed providing the best chances of success. The fear I see from people when they consider this solution is that it wont be controlled. This fear takes time to overcome and means that achieving the final goal takes time but once they are there people will wonder how they survived before.

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