Motion and Action

This article here has some really good points well worth a read
This to me is the key point in the article
” we do it because motion allows us to feel like we’re making progress without running the risk of failure. “
Too much of life today is about security and safety and we end up scared of change closing ourselves off to opportunity and real success.
In my opinion the most prolific example of the rationalisation of motion is clearly in exams and their business equivalent kpi’s. To me an exam or kpi say nothing about the real performance of a person but still are used as measures of someone’s success. To me exams and kpi’s just show that you do what you are told!
There are many reasons, or as I like to call them excuses, for motion but in all cases where I have achieved my greatest performance was where I put the responsibility on myself and took action. I then either profit from success or am punished for failure.

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