Cloud and Big Data

Cloud and Big Data are the buzz words of the year at the moment but what do they actually mean.


Simply put cloud is just externalising cost. That is, getting an off the shelf or online solution that meets the need of the business and encouraging the provider to add more features that they need. This intends to replace consulting and internal custom development which is very high risk.

Big Data is just fancy reporting. This is always a requirement but has been rebranded for this year due to the continued advancement of database servers and the hardware that can run larger sets of information and more complicated rules.

With the innovation in information technology making building and using technology exponentially easier these are solutions well worth getting for any business.

This in turn changes the employment landscape for the IT industry people losing jobs but new jobs being created in a more effective area to meet the new dynamics of providing those solutions. Thankfully the people in IT are flexible enough to change with these and run with these evolving concepts. For example consulting companies changing to becoming online service providers and less consulting.




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