Installing Windows Server 2012

Just installing with core and then utilising tools to manage the server. As always with the development builds I do I’m building on my pc which is a windows 7 x64; 24GB; i7 930 that has 3 striped hard disks raid 5 using VMWare workstation 9. Very smooth and easy to use and snapshots are very handy when trying different things.

First I have to say how much smoother Windows installations feel. Not hunting for drivers and basic default settings that seem to not add too much and get the basics in there fast.

Something to learn is the difference between core and GUI management. This will be vital knowledge for the not so distant future.

Managing a Windows 2012 server with Core installation (Requires Windows 8)

Some Tips:

  1. Take a snapshot before you select the type of installation. This gives you the      option once installed to create a clone from that point.
  2. In Development sometimes its better to be able to administer test servers not in the same domain. This command is a great way to do this cmdkey /add:<ServerName> /user:<UserName> /pass:<password>  To be prompted for a password, omit the /pass option. (Detail in the technet link above)

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